1)Question: Do I need a permit
Answer:In most areas permits are required.

2)Question:who is responsible for permits?
Answer:Due to the volume of storage sheds we build ,we require that the customer furnish the permit.

3)Question:How much will permit cost?
Answer:Permit cost vary from county to county
and are based on size of building,but in most cases permit costs will be between $30.00-$150.00

4)Question:How long will it be before construction begins?
Answer:In peak periods we are 2 to 3 weeks out at any given time.But weather can sometimes push us back.we should be able to give you a closer time frame at  time of purchase.All orders are scheduled in the order recieved.

5)Question:What if my site is out of level?
Answer:We do no site prep.Buildings are built on ground treated runners,our builders will level with treated blocks for no additional cost up to 16".Anything over 16" out of level should be leveled with blocks

6)Question:Do I need blocks?
Answer:Not unless your site is out of level more than 16".However many customers do like the idea of  leveling with blocks, if made available by the customer, builders will be glad to set them.Customer may furnish thier own blocks or purchase as an option at the time of the order.

7)Will I be notified when the builder is going to show up?
Answer:Yes,the coordinator will call you in advance to let you know of lumber delivery and when to expect builder to start.Plus builder will call the day before and notify you of approximate time he will be on job site

8)Question:How can I be sure my order will be right?
Answer:The coordinator and the builder will review the order with you before starting.We will review style,shingle color,door placement, and any options you have purchased to ensure the barn is built to your specifications.

9)Question:What do I have to do to be prepared?
Answer:Customer must furnish a source of power.Our builders carry extension cords but must be within 200ft. of power source or customer will be charged for generator rental of $75.00/day.Customer must also assure that set backs from property lines,utility easements, and house are met according to city or county codes.

10)Question:How much room do I need for my barn?
Answer:We must have a minimum of 3ft clearance around and above the building to build and paint.Any overhanging tree limbs should be trimed prior to our arrival.

11)Question:Do I have to be home during construction.
Answer:No,we will review your order several times prior to construction,but if you are not available as we start, we do ask that you mark the 4 corners of your building so we can ensure proper location.

12)Question:If I choose the paint option, how much paint will I need and when?
Answer:The coordinator will review paint and caulk requirements when scheduling lumber delivery.Paint should be of good quality we recommend Sherwin Williams or Porter exterior acrylic latex paint

13)Question:When and who do I pay for my barn?
Answer:A 10% deposit is required when placing the order ,the balance is not due until completion.The coordinator will call you to check on your satisfaction and arrange final payment.No builder or painter will ask you for, or expect payment.
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